100 Things

  1. My birth-date is September 23, 1970.
  2. This makes me a Libra born on the Virgo cusp.
  3. I am 5’4″ and weight 110 lbs.
  4. I can eat whatever I want and not gain any weight.
  5. People tease me about being “skinny”. I hate that.
  6. I envy women with curvy bodies.
  7. I would love to gain 10 – 15 lbs just so I can have curves.
  8. I met my husband in a local bar called Copperfields.
  9. We married in a small military church on July 25, 1992.
  10. My first son was born at 3:15 pm March 24, 1993
  11. and if you’re counting … yes I was pregnant when I got hitched.
  12. My second son was born at 4:09 am September 16, 1994.
  13. My labour for him was 2 hours from start to end.
  14. My husband is a Sargent in the Canadian Military.
  15. I am a proud military wife.
  16. I have survived four deployments that have left me alone with two young boys.
  17. I believe it has made me a stronger wife, mother and woman.
  18. I have two very fat cats, Casper and Hopps.
  19. As well as two St. Bernard’s, Pepper and Porter.
  20. I am unable to leave my home without fur attached to my clothing.
  21. I currently work in a call center.
  22. Most of the people I speak with daily are idiots.
  23. Before this “career” I had a home daycare for 4 years.
  24. I loved every minute of it and miss it like mad.
  25. I am a licenced hairstylist in Ontario and Alberta.
  26. I spent 14 years cutting hair, 4 owning my own salon.
  27. I don’t miss that occupation at all.
  28. I spent 7 years living in Edmonton, Alberta.
  29. I would move back there in a heart-beat.
  30. I have skiied the Canadian Rockies several times.
  31. I have a “summer home”, a 35 foot trailer that is located on Lake Dore.
  32. It’s my “quiet place”.
  33. In 1995 we made a rash decision not to have anymore children. Dh had a vasectomy.
  34. It’s a decision I have regretted since.
  35. We have been trying to add to our family for 7 years starting with adoption.
  36. The social worker we dealt with in Alberta didn’t feel children should be placed in a military family because Sgt. goes away on deployments.
  37. We have gone over all the options of reversal, IVF with ICSI/MESA and donor sperm to conceive again.
  38. We chose donor sperm.
  39. My first diui resulted in a BFN
  40. The second, BFP and a heartbreaking missed-miscarriage at 11 weeks followed by a d&c.
  41. The third, another BFP … miscarriage at 6 weeks.
  42. I’m scared to try again but like a junkie I want “just one more”.
  43. Some times I think I am being selfish.
  44. I love to bake creative cookies and make gift jars.
  45. I secretly would like to turn this into a small homebased business.
  46. But I’m afraid of trying something new and failing.

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