Taken Down a Peg or Two

November 26, 2006 at 10:41 am 2 comments

I promised you an update on SLW the other day and here it is.

When new hire’s hit the floor we always have floor support. Floor support is responsible for answering questions and guiding the new hire’s through order placing and call flow.

Wednesday I was doing floor support with SLW and her flunkie. Both annoy me immensly but I am usually so busy with the new hires that I do not need to interact with either of them very often. While helping a new agent I overheard SLW saying to another agent “I’ll be a supervisor soon, would you like to be on my team?” I caught myself before letting out a snort of disgust. I am amazed at the balls this chick has.

At 5 minutes to 5pm an agent had an escalated call and I asked SLW if she would mind taking it as I had been at work the previous night until 5:30 on an escalated call and that Sgt was waiting for me. She said should would and to have the call forwarded to the “Escalation Desk”. I asked her when this escalation desk had been set up because I had been taking escalations right at the agents phones all day. In her phone little sing-song voice she says “Oh, it’s been here all day, everyone knew about it.” I say “Obviously not EVERYONE knew about it if I have been taking calls at the agents desks.” Bitch! I was fuming. I asked my supervisor if he had known about this and he had no idea either and said to me “I guess we are not EVERYONE here huh?” Now he was pissed too.

I was still fuming when I was on my way out the door and stopped by my friend M’s desk to ask her to give me a call later. One of the supervisors, H, asked me if everything was OK and I said “No, not really. Just need to vent about my day with a co-worker.” She asked me to come back to her desk to chat for a minute. I let every frustration with SLW tumble out of my mouth, the only thing I did not share was her fucking one of the supervisors. H was great. Told me in not so many words that SLW would have a big surprise soon enough that would take all of her cockiness away and that commitment is what this company is looking for, not idle threats.

Skip forward a couple of days.

Sometime we have 4 or 5 people on as floor support but this Thursday and Friday we have had one person in this position due to higher call volumes. We needed every able body on the phones.

Friday SLW took it upon herself to be floor support even though this had already been assigned to another agent. A friend of mine, we’ll call him J, was fit to be tied when he saw this and spoke with a supervisor about it. Turns out that all week the SLW was not scheduled for floor support but had been doing it anyway.

Friday SLW was taken aside and spoken to about her behavior and told to get back on the phones.

I came back from lunch and was asked by my supervisor if I would do floor support until both he and another supervisor came back from lunch. SLW did not enjoy that at all and if looks could kill I would now be just a bloodstain on the second floor of our building.

SLW seems to think she will become the next supervisor and this is not going to happen. Someone let it slip that she has been bonking a supervisor. I can promise you that someone was not me but I do know who it was.

And I love them for it.


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  • 1. Still Waiting  |  December 11, 2006 at 8:02 pm

    […] On a more upbeat note … the SLW  is no longer a thorn in my paw. She has been fired for manipulating an account that was not hers, a violation of our Privacy Policy. I did a little jig upon hearing the news. T’was a glorious day for this gal. […]

  • […] a more upbeat note … the SLW  is no longer a thorn in my paw. She has been fired for manipulating an account that was not hers, […]


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