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There was an internal job posting in work yesterday that a supervisor put on my desk for me. It is for the Human Resources Co-ordinator position that was recently vacated and the former co-ordinator is now one of the payroll specialists. This company is really big on promoting from within, it’s tough to do but possible. The supervisor that had left it on my desk thinks I am a great candidate for the job so today I applied. I would be working the reception area as well as cross training with many positions in the HR office. This job almost always leads to a position with HR whether it’s hiring, payroll, whatever. It’s almost a $4.00 an hour raise and the hours are the same. 

I spent last night prettying up my resume, putting together a “you know you’re gonna hire me” coverletter and filling out a job bid form. My supervisor and operations director do need to sign off on the job bid and although I did not think it would be an issue I still had that Negative Nelly moment of “What if they think I’m a crappy person for this job?” I needn’t have worried. My supervisor was so bloody excited about me applying I asked him if he wanted to get rid of me. He took my application to our director, she was thrilled that I had applied (seems like everyone want’s me off of this floor) and want’s to personally recommend me for the position to the head of HR. Wowsers! Now I know I will not be the only person applying and the odds of me getting it are just OK but it feels so great to be appreciated for all of the hard work I do.

Tonight at supper we sat talking about our day. It’s our family ritual. When the wee soldiers asked how my day was I told them about applying for a job within the company. My Green Eyed Boy asked “What kind of job is it mum?” and Sgt piped up “If it was a job where she needed to pee on a stick every day she’d be a shoo-in.” Jackass!

OK,  I admit I have a bit of a poas problem. I can’t help myself. I began testing on Tuesday, just 8 dpdiui. I know what you’re thinking. Just setting myself up for disappointment. I told myself it was just to see if the 0vidrel trigger was out of my system yet and it was.  Wednesday I swore I saw a faint line. So faint that I held it up a close to the bathroom light as I could just to be sure. Sgt saw nothing but he’s a blind man. I tested again Thursday, faint line. Just a shade darker but still faint. I tested again yesterday afternoon after I came home from work feeling sick. Faint line. Sgt held this one up to the light and asked for a test that had not been used so he would have a reference. He said he saw it, but I don’t believe him, he’s a lying jackass. Tested again this morning, faint line that seems to be a bit darker. Tested again this afternoon. Yup, you guessed it, faint line again. I made Sgt. stop at the Rexa11 on the way home so I could purchase a ‘brandname’ hpt to use tomorrow morning. I bought a two pack because like I said I am a bit obsessive. If you have kept count I have now used 6 hpt’s in just 4 days. It’s a good thing I bought them in bulk from Save On Tests. This is the first time I have used the cartridge tests so I am a bit leary hence the purchase of the namebrand hpt.

Tomorrow morning I will pee in my plastic cup and use both the namebrand test as well as the cartridge. Results, good or bad, will be posted right away as well as an update to SLW. It promises to be a good one.


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