Bloodletting on a Wednesday

November 1, 2006 at 7:01 pm 1 comment

The drive to Toronto to see the RE was relatively uneventful other than the morning traffic. Sgt get’s quite rilled up with the “big city” drivers who try to balance their Star*Buck’s coffee in one hand, cell phone in the other while trying to steer with their knees. A few choice phrases were used by Sgt and directed at the crazy “city folk” … like “Eat shit asshole.”, “Fuckin’ jackass.” and my personal favorite “Fuck you, fucker!”

I arrive at the RE’s office at 9:30 am and sign the ultrasound/bloodwork sheet. Within a few minutes I am called back to have my blood drawn. It’s the new girl taking my blood today. The same new girl that left a bruise the size of lemon on the inside of my arm last month. Today one of the “veteran vampire’s” is there to supervise. The inexperienced vampire puts the rubberband so tight around my upper left arm that my hand starts to feel tingly. She then proceeds to wipe my inner elbow with an alcohol wipe for what seems like 5 minutes. I’m sure it was only 30 seconds but come on already. Not seeing a vein she deems worthy, she takes off the rubberband and starts all over on the right arm. Now before I go any further with this tale I must tell you that anyone who has ever taken blood from me, and there has been a lot of blood taking lately, has always commented on how easy it is, how my veins just “pop” right out.  So after repeating herself on my right arm she takes off the rubberband and asks me if I have ever had my blood taken from my hand. I don’t speak for a second or two, just look at her and the veteran a little like this …   “Uh, no … ” is my response. So she starts all over on the left arm, finds what whe thinks might be my vein and pokes me ….. nothing comes out. She wiggles the needle around a bit ….. still no blood. At this point the veteran steps in to take over. He has a go with my right arm and within 10 seconds produces a vial. My left arm is bleeding like mad, I have saturated the cotton that was put there and it’s running down my arm.

After my bloodletting I head down the hall for my ultrasound. Dildo-cam in, things look good. The huge follicles from last month are gone and I am given the green light to start this cycle. My rx this time is straight injections of 50 iu of Pure*gon starting today through Saturday. I head back in on Sunday morning to see how I have responded. One of my closest friends lives in Toronto so I think I may head up Saturday on the train and spend the night with her catching up, drinking some Merlot and laughing until I can not breath … or pee my pants. Whatever comes first.


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