Teenage Angst

October 22, 2006 at 10:36 am 2 comments

We’ve had a busy week at work. A small group of new hires hit the floor Tuesday morning and I have been doing floor support for most of the week. Our team has a “problem child” that I have been keeping an eye on because he has a quick mouth and temper. I find this exhausting.

Thursday I was on an escalated call for another agent, trying to smooth things over, when my supervisor hands me a note. “Mr. W called re: son. Call school. Not urgent.”  As a parent of a teenage boy I consider notes like this urgent. After getting off of the call I head downstairs to see what’s up with wee soldier #1 but the teacher is in class and will not be available until 3:30. For the rest of my day I conjure up all kinds of scenario’s that this child of mine could have gotten himself into. You see, this wee soldier is just like his mother. He get’s himself into the same messes I got myself into as a teen. He has the same quick-to-speak-slow-to-think mouth that had me grounded more times than I can count. By 3:30 I had him headed to juvenile detention in my mind. After speaking with Mr. W I did not have to head home and bake a cake with a file in it to take to my brown-eyed boy on Sundays. His crime, incomplete homework … several assignments really … and forgery. That’s right I said forgery. It seems that my sweet, brown-eyed boy had been signing my name to not only the incomplete sheets the teacher has been sending home but has signed two of his brothers papers that had marks that could have been better. Grounded until monkeys grow wings and fly out of my ass is now a new part of their vocabulary.


Sgt. asked me if we were sure we wanted to start all over with a newborn that will surely one day become a smart-mouthed teen with much attitude causing us more grief.

I’m still working on an answer.


As you can see, the blog looks a bit different. I’ve been playing with headers and such. I’ll be trying out several new looks, can’t decide on which one yet.


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October Sucks! Dear Co-worker …

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  • 1. Meg  |  October 24, 2006 at 12:14 am

    Anita – Don’t get too worried… I think 50% of teenage boys are like this… forgery is the oldest trick in the book… sign a form for the teacher so he knows what your signature looks like.

    Redesign looks lovely.

  • 2. Man Jam and the Swim Team « Still Waiting  |  November 7, 2006 at 10:35 pm

    […] Our routine to get there is always the same, up at 5am … out the door at 6:15. Coffee and a pee in Port Hope, battle through the rush hour traffic and arrive on the clinics doorstep around 9 am. It’s not often we have two hours of uninterrupted time to talk about life. Sometimes during the drive we talk about serious grown-up stuff like the day our brown-eyed boy was caught forging my signature. Other times we have fantasized about what we would do if we won the lottery. Some days it real boring shit like our jobs. I appreciate every minute of the drive. […]


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