October Sucks!

October 15, 2006 at 12:43 pm 2 comments

I didn’t update Thursday after my cd7 u/s because I was in a pissy mood. My past three diui’s have been fairly consistent 1 – 3 follies measuring 1.0 – 1.3 but this cycle my body stepped outside the box and played by it’s own rules.  I had two follies on the right measuring at 1.2 and 1.3 respectively and two on the left measuring 1.8 and 1.7. After the u/s I head back to the waiting room with Sgt and … well … wait. I wait with an obnoxious gentleman to the left of me talking in a very loud and pompous voice on his cell phone while his sweet wife sits next to him recovering from an egg retrieval. Every few minutes he get’s up, still on his cell phone and asks the receptionist if they need him in the backroom. She sweetly says no, we’ll call you when we’re ready. To the right of me is another couple that has brought in their two year old that continuously whines and tears up the magazines that they keep handing her to keep her occupied. Sgt and I exchange eye-roll glances. Shame on us. The nurse calls me into the room all set to hand me my Pure*gon and Ovid*rel, saying the re wanted me to trigger in the next day or two. I had this horrible feeling in my gut that it is just too soon and started to cry. This is our last “kick at the can” so to speak and I want to feel good about it, no regrets. Nurse hands me a box of tissues and heads out of the room to get Dr. C. We all sat together talking about what my options are at this point. The re said “How about just timed intercourse this cycle.” I looked at her kinda like WTF and said that is not an option, Sgt has no sperm. Now I know the re’s are busy and I am not the only patient but at least look at my chart before coming into the room.  Perhaps a nice colour-coded sticker on the front so you know the patients protocol. Let’s make the donor sperm recipients a nice blue shall we? One option was to cancel all together and wait for the next cycle (That made me cry more), the other option was to roll the dice, do the 100iu of Pure*gon, trigger and see what happens. The final option is to do a OPK tomorrow and Saturday and if no surge is detected then another u/s Sunday to check follies and see if the two on the right have caught up with the two on the left. Sgt and I decide to go with Door Number Three. OPK’d Friday, Saturday and this morning, no LH surge so bright and early we head into Toronto for a cd10 u/s. Dr. G is my doctor of the day today. She is sweet and soft-spoken. I like her a lot. She takes her time to talk to you and I don’t feel like we’re there just so she has a paycheque. U/s wand in, she pokes around. Lining looks nice, let’s see what’s happening on the left side. Wow! Three follies there now, two have over-ripened. One measures 2.8, the other 2.7. Only one is what it should be, 2.0. The right side I’m down to one follie, and it’s only 1.5. Dr. G say’s “It looks like you will have to cancel the cycle, maybe just timed intercourse.” Granted she does not have my complete file with her and this is the first time she has seen me. I tell her we are using donor sperm and she apologizes. She says she does not want us to waste a vial of sperm on a cycle that has slim-to-no chance. I respect that. So I leave the office with a syringe of Ovidr*el to trigger these behemoth follies, get to look forward to my period in 14 days or so and hope to hell the November cycle is the one. November 29th is my due date for my missed miscarriage in May. It would be healing if it is.


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  • 1. Carlynn  |  October 16, 2006 at 9:02 am

    Hi, I’m so sorry, that really sucks. Thank you so much for your nice comment. It’s especially generous of you in light of your shitty end of week. It will be great if the November cycle is the one, I’m holding thumbs. And I hope you are having lots of nice long baths and other feel-good things. I am eating lots of white chocolate!

  • […] why october sucks … I can’t speak for others, only myself. This site contains the opinion of a 36 year old woman with poor egg quality, lot’s of things suck. This is it sucked for me.  […]


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