Parenting Faux Pas

October 11, 2006 at 7:50 pm 1 comment

While catching up with some of my favorite IF blogs I came across this post of Julie’s at A Little Pregnant. I came close to peeing my pants or perhaps worse, splitting open one of my swollen ovaries (more on that later). Her post had me thinking back to a car ride with my wee soliders when we lived in Alberta and a small comment by my oldest wee soldier who was just 5 at the time.

I have always been very careful with my choice of words around my children. One word that I find over-used and quite insulting is the word stupid. It is one word that sends me back to being a young lass in elementary school with a teacher who used the word carelessly when speaking with his students making them feel … well … stupid.  Sgt and I agreed that would be one word we would not allow, treating it just as we would words like shit.

One day I was heading into the city to do a bit of shopping. The wee soldiers were sitting in the back seat, munching on Gold*fish crackers and chatting about all the great treats mummy was going to buy for them. The road I was on had two lanes heading east and there was a woman in the car ahead of me using both going particularly slow. Frustration was begining to set in (I have a slight road-rage issue, I admit) and I muttered to myself “Come on you stupid bitch, pick a lane already.” Now, you would think that my being a mother and knowing full well that kids hear everything that you never want them to hear and nothing you do want them to hear I would know better than to mutter something like that under my breath however I have already admitted to having a slight road-rage issue (see above).  From the back seat my oldest pipes up “Mummy, that was not a nice thing you said to that lady.” “Yes sweetie, you’re right. Mummy should not have said that, I’m sorry.” I said to my brown-eyed boy. A slight pause and then …

“You should have called her a silly bitch.”


I have my day 7 appointment tomorrow morning to count and measure my follies. Feels like they are getting heavier by the hour and the ache has now spread to my lower back. I hope there’s a good count yet not to high that they cancel this cycle. Last cycle I had three good size ones at this point with the Letro*zol and Dr.C is hoping to have as many if not one more.


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Mr. and Mrs. Customer October Sucks!

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  • 1. Carlyn  |  October 15, 2006 at 8:03 am

    Hee hee, shows you’re a family!

    We don’t have the stupid thing so much but my famils is big on spelling. My sister will phone me if she spots a misspelled word or if someone used a word incorrectly. I love these links that join people together.

    Hope the ultrasounds goes well.


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