Mr. and Mrs. Customer

October 10, 2006 at 10:01 pm 1 comment

Today I had the call from hell. The call that all call center agents have nightmares about and wake with a start, shiny from their own sweat. It went a little something like this.

Me: “Thank you for calling *****, my name is Anita how may I help you today?”

Mrs. Customer: “I have no idea why my balance on my latest bill is so high, can you help?”

Me: “I’d be happy to explain your account to you Mrs. Customer, let’s see what’s happening …… I see the last payment we received on you account was for $73.40 on August 8th but the balance for that month was $237.30. That left your account with a balance forward of $163.90 and when added to you new charges of $160.25 gives you a balance of $324.15 for the month of August. We did not receive any payment for that amount and it was added as a balance forward on your September statement along with you services for September that were $98.08. When we add that all up it becomes your new and current balance of $422.23 for which we have yet to receive any payment.”

Mrs. Customer: “I don’t get it, why is my balance so high?”

I repeat the above …

Mrs. Customer: “I still don’t see it, why so high? Maybe you can explain it to my husband and he’ll understand.”

Me: “Hello Mr. Customer, Mrs. Customer feels you may understand the account better. The reason your account balance is so high is because in 3 months we have only received one payment and it was for a fraction of the amount owing. You continue to have an on-going balance that seems to be snowballing. *insert above explanation here*. ”

Mr. Customer: “I don’t understand.”

Take all of the above, repeat several … no hundreds of different ways in the small hope that somewhere in Mr and Mrs. Customers minds a light will flicker on.

Mr. Customer: “I still don’t get it.”


It was, if you can believe, a 108 minute long call. This call should have taken a grand total of 4 minutes from open to close. By the end of the call I was almost in tears from the sheer frustration of it all. Thank you Letro*zole!



Entry filed under: Life in a Call Center.

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  • 1. Carlynn  |  October 11, 2006 at 5:02 am

    Hi, thanks for your good wishes. I hope things go well on your end. After that call, the only way is up! I hope so, crossing my fingers for you.


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